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For Homeowners

Look no further - if you are ready for the property you own to earn that passive income you intended it to,

Cozy Home Investments exists to make that your reality. 


We are beyond a property management company.

Not only do we find, vet, and maintain high-quality tenants, at no additional cost to you...

Cozy Home Investments:

  • Personally guarantees payment

  • Manages all utilities including Wi-Fi

  • Professionally furnishes and equips your home

  • Professionally cleans your home regularly throughout the duration of the contract

  • Provides exceptional care of your home without disturbing you

Not only do our tenants enjoy a Cozy Home at your property, but you also get to enjoy a cozy contract.

Relax and sink back into that couch you were lounging on while Cozy Home Investments takes care of the rest. 

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